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1830 Gainsborough Rd
London, ON, N6H 5L2


London Ontario Bird Feeders, Bird Seed, and Gift store. We carry dog food & toys, bird houses, Squirrel Busters, candles, Batty's Bath, Bee by the Sea, and so much more. Come in and check us out! 


Bird Feeders, Bird Seed, and Gift Shop located in London! Follow along with our News from the Store!


Richelle Hunter

Worried that the backyard birding item that you have wanted forever will be sold out?  Looking for something that we don't have in stock right now, but we did at one time?  Looking for something that you've never seen here but are wondering about?  In all cases, please don't be afraid to ask!! 

While sometimes a wild bird item may be sold out and is no longer available, this doesn't really happen too much.  We've mentioned this before, but thought it was worth repeating....we place orders quite often from our wild bird suppliers, so chances are, if you are looking for something, we can have it within a few days!!

For instance, should your nectar feeder get broken or damaged by the elements, or the critters in your garden, it shouldn't be a problem for you to find a replacement on our shelves since we do keep these in stock throughout the summer and beyond! If not, we will see if our suppliers have it so that we can order it for you!

So once again, please don't hesitate to just never know!!