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1830 Gainsborough Rd
London, ON, N6H 5L2


London Ontario Bird Feeders, Bird Seed, and Gift store. We carry dog food & toys, bird houses, Squirrel Busters, candles, Batty's Bath, Bee by the Sea, and so much more. Come in and check us out! 


Bird Feeders, Bird Seed, and Gift Shop located in London! Follow along with our News from the Store!

Lots of Baltimore Orioles

Richelle Hunter

Many birds have fledged...including the beautiful Baltimore Orioles!! It's been an exciting couple of weeks around our feeders as these newly-fledged cuties have been showing up at the jelly feeders, nectar feeders, in the shrubs close to our house...and to our windowsill ~ we have a grape jelly station located there! During first visits, the young are just adorable as they anxiously wait, with wings flapping, for mom & pop to find them in the trees & shrubs.  Now, they know where the feeders are, where the grape jelly & nectar are and wait right at the feeders or on the tops of the shepherd's hooks or pole system. One can often hear the much softer version of the familiar Oriole sounds as they notify the parents as to their location. It's just a fabulous time of year to feed the birds!

Three!   Baltimore Orioles!!

Baltimore Orioles!!